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 Lasting superior performance requires superior components

PROACTIVE PROTECTIONS considers a number of factors when designing and installing commercial CCTV systems for our customers. By thoroughly understanding the application from the beginning, the correct components of the system can be assembled to ensure the system operates as required in the most critical moments. We understand the causes of system failures.  We design our systems with only the best components available.  We partner with professional video surveillance installers located throughout Georgia. Our partner networks of approved, licensed professional installers are able to professionally complete your installation to the high standards we require. 

Here's what’s included in your state-of-the-art digital surveillance package:

  • Licensed and certified installers

  • No monthly fees

  • Complete remote access on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android phone

  • 1 year warranty that includes 24/7/365 live customer support.  

  • 24/7/365 technical support for both client and NVR system software and hardware

  • In-house or on-site CCTV system demonstration (what you see is what you get)

  • Knowledge of issues that affect CCTV performance and the ability to recommend options

  • Direct company owned service technicians trained and low voltage licensed

  • Proactive Protections commitment and installation work ethic​

female cctv installer hinstalling security camera.jpg
Camera Installation

All cameras, Video Management System, cables and connectors

  • Durable, industrial NVR with a commercial grade internal power supply

  • Video bandwidth rated hard drives to dissipate and reduce heat buildup.

  • Feature rich NVR software that is straight forward and easy to use and learn

  • Expertly designed NVR enclosure to maximize air flow for proper ventilation

  • Dual commercial exhaust fans to keep internal NVR components cool

  • Hi-grade commercial 4K Ultra HD cameras and lenses

  • Commerical grade CAT5e all copper cables

  • Durable, high contrast, brand name video monitors

  • Manufacturer with reliable, proven experience in video surveillance system design

  • System software that operates under all versions of Windows, OSX, IOS & Android platforms

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