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Video Surveillance Systems Design


Proactive Protections understands that there are many options when choosing a video surveillance company.  We are your physical security and video surveillance system integrations experts.  Before we start any installation project, we first develop a comprehensive plan to address your needs. 

Our projects begin with a 3-step process.

1.  First, our experts who specialize in physical security, IP video/CCTV, and video networking, will conduct a comprehensive project assessment to determine your business needs.  We hold an initial consultation with you about security threats, general operations and other activities you wish to address to design a video security system that’s perfect for your unique application. 


​2.  Next, we use blueprints/plans, digital photos, sketches and virtual satellite imagery to conduct a remote walk through of your facility.  If you already have a system in place, we take a detailed look to see if there is a way to reuse existing hardware or a way to integrate new equipment ensuring little or no service disruption.


3.  Finally, using data from the assessment, our Security & IT technology experts will create a comprehensive recommendation for integrating a video system into your business operations for maximum potential. In our equipment recommendations, we also consider environmental demands for the hardware, video and network demand and equipment warranties. We specialize only in video camera surveillance.  If you have a simple project or a complicated idea, please don’t hesitate to talk to our specialists so we can help you with the right solution.

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