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Traveling can be an exhilarating experience, but it's essential to prioritize your safety, especially when staying in unfamiliar places. Whether checking into a luxurious hotel or cozying up in a charming vacation rental, taking a few PROACTIVE steps can ensure your peace of mind. These tips will help you enjoy a worry-free and secure trip. Read on to discover how to add extra layers of protection for yourself and your belongings while making the most of your Holiday travel adventures.

Packing Your Bags? Here's What to Do First

Talk with your trusted neighbors: Having a great rapport with your neighbors can be a game-changer when you're away on vacation. Inform a few trusted ones about your travel plans and ask them to keep an eye on your home. It's a relief to have someone who can remove flyers, pick up any unexpected deliveries, and alert you if they notice anything unusual around your property.

Install Surveillance Cameras: Keep an eye on things while you’re away by installing surveillance cameras. There are many surveillance camera system brands that can provide remote monitoring, can detect motion and humans, and, provide 1-minute video clips of activity.  However, for a more robust system that allows continuous recording and the same capabilities as the DIY Wi-Fi-based brands, consider having a professionally hardwired system installed.  Yes, we can help with both types of systems.

Smart Lighting Strategies: A well-lit home can be a deterrent to intruders. Utilize timers or invest in smart bulbs to schedule indoor lighting, giving the impression that your home is occupied even when you're miles away.

Secure Your Digital Footprint: Before leaving, make sure your home Wi-Fi network is fortified. Update your passwords, check those firewalls, and maybe add a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to your devices for an extra layer of security. This is particularly crucial for keeping your personal information safe, especially when you connect to public Wi-Fi during your travels.

Ensure electronics are charged: Keeping devices charged in case of mechanical breakdown or emergency is advised. Use a plug and avoid public charging ports

Mail and Package Management: An overflowing mailbox or packages piling up are telltale signs of an empty home. Arrange to pause your mail delivery or ask a neighbor to collect it. Don’t forget to manage your yard by trimming any overgrown bushes that could offer hiding spots for burglars.

Research Your Destination: Before booking your accommodation, do a little homework. Look for lodgings in safe neighborhoods, ideally close to emergency services or tourist assistance centers.  Be aware that emergency medical facilities aren’t always as accessible as they are in larger cities. Check reviews from past guests to gauge the safety and security of your lodging.

Disclaimer: The safety tips provided in this guide are intended for general informational purposes only. While we strive to offer practical and helpful advice, we cannot guarantee that these tips will cover all potential risks or scenarios you may encounter during your travels. Every travel situation is unique, and the effectiveness of these safety measures may vary depending on individual circumstances, locations, and unforeseen variables. We recommend that travelers always exercise personal judgment, stay informed about the specific conditions of their destinations, and adhere to the advice of local authorities and travel professionals. The use of these tips is at your own discretion and risk. The creators and publishers of this guide assume no responsibility for any loss, injury, or inconvenience sustained by anyone using this information.

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