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Proactive Protections Commercial Video Surveillance Systems and Monitoring


  • Increase Employee Productivity & Accountability​

  • Reduce Liability

  • Accident Verification​

  • Enhance Customer Service

  • Decrease Labor Cost

  • Increase Management Productivity

  • Verify Vendor Integrity

  • Video for PCI Compliance

  • ​​Crime Prevention

  • Quality & Inventory Cost Control

  • Deter Theft and Identify Criminals

  • Increase Safety and Verify Accidents


If details are what you desire in a video surveillance system, a 4K camera is the best option. New and cost-effective manufacturing options have made 4K surveillance systems affordable and extremely beneficial. These cameras produce amazing detail at further distances without the pixelation that is seen in lower video quality cameras.  Proactive Protections offer an array of surveillance cameras systems that fit most budgets and we can certainly accommodate your requests for other video surveillance resolution options.  Let us help you decide which system is best for your application and know that that all of our surveillance systems include: 

  • Feature rich NVR software that is straight forward and easy to use and learn.

  • Optional Artificial Intelligence (AI) features allow for people tracking, area monitoring, parking occupancy, vehicle analytics, and more.  

  • A durable expertly designed NVR box with a commanding internal power supply and enclosure to maximize air flow for proper ventilation

  • Video bandwidth rated hard drives to dissipate and reduce heat buildup

  • Hi-grade commercial cameras and lenses

  • Professional quality Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables

  • Manufacturer with reliable, proven experience in video surveillance system design

  • System software that operates under all versions of Windows, OSX, IOS & Android platforms

  • 24x7x365 technical support for both client and NVR system software and hardware

  • Knowledge of issues that affect Video Surveillance System performance and the ability to recognized issues before they arise. 

  • Our service technicians are trained and licensed in low voltage protocols.

  • Proactive Protections' Inc superior commitment and installation work ethic

CCTV Health Check Monitoring

A healthy system is a secure system.  Proactive Protections' 24/7 monitoring service provides vital information regarding your system’s functionality and efficiency to identify issues before they become major incidents. Careful monitoring ensures system integrity, saves on major repair costs and supplies a measurable return on your investment.  By taking a few minutes to inspect the camera system on a regular basis you will ensure long term reliability with minimum cost and down time.  Proactive Protections helps protect you against:

  • NVR failure

  • Hard Drive failure

  • Camera tampering - Scene change or blocking

  • Loss of video

  • Storage retention

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