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  • A durable, industrial built NVR box with a commercial grade internal power supply

  • Video bandwidth rated hard drives to dissipate and reduce heat build up

  • Expertly designed NVR enclosure to maximize air flow for proper ventilation

  • Dual commercial exhaust fans to keep internal NVR components cool

  • Hi-grade commercial cameras and lenses

  • Professional quality Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables

  • Durable, high contrast, brand name video monitors

  • Manufacturer with reliable, proven experience in video surveillance system design

  • System software that operates under all versions of Windows, OSX, IOS & Android platforms

  • Feature rich NVR software that is straight forward and easy to use and learn

  • 24x7x365 technical support for both client and NVR system software and hardware

  • In-house or on-site Video Surveillance System demonstration (Seeing is Believing!)

  • Knowledge of issues that affect Video Surveillance System performance and the ability to recommend options

  • Direct company owned service technicians trained and low voltage licensed

  • Proactive Protections' Inc commitment and installation work ethic

4K IP surveillance cameras offer clearer details than ever before


4K surveillance cameras systems deliver image quality that is nearly 4 times that of standard HD 1080P quality.  If details are what you desire in a video surveillance system, a 4K camera is the best option. New and cost-effective manufacturing options have made 4K surveillance systems affordable and extremely beneficial. These cameras produce amazing detail at further distances without the pixelation that is seen in lower video quality cameras.


4K surveillance cams give the ability to capture video with wide-angle overviews with multiple focus points while maintaining the ability to digitally zoom in and focus on the fine details. You will not lose a single detail captured by 4K Ultra HD cameras. Expect to see facial feature details, license plates, clothing characteristics, and other crucial details when using 4K cameras. Seeing really is believing with Ultra HD 4K cameras because these cameras provide the most detail at a wide angle and carry the highest resolution IP cameras available in the security camera industry.4K surveillance cameras systems are perfect for small and large area coverage and identifying objects at a distance even in recorded video.

We also offer 4K security cameras with audio allowing you to hear voices and other sounds.

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